spool03World class welding wire for critical applications

United States Welding Corporation is a recognized leader in the welding industry of filler metal development since 1960. Improvements in the reliability of repair welding and increased use of “recycled” gas turbine components have been accomplished by specifying lower trace elements and vacuum melting in Aerospace Material Specification (AMS).

In addition, constant improvements in wire production equipment and quality control procedures, coupled with the greater reliability of MC-GRADE® Welding Wire, have advanced this segment of the welding industry.

Turbine MRO Alloys

ER100S-1 (TURBALOY® 100) ER120S-1 (TURBALOY® 120) & ER140S-1 (TURBALOY® 140)
1371830High-Strength low-alloy steels (HSLA) are a special and significant group of structural materials. They maintain a low level of Carbon and derive strength from the addition of selected transition group metallic elements. This approach maintains controlled low Carbon equivalent levels and enhances weldability.

Such highly developed alloys are frequently used in the as-welded condition for critical applications. These premium quality filler metals are frequently used for land-based Turbine Rotor build up and restoration applications.

U.S. Welding produces special high purity ER100S-1 (TURBALOY® 100) & ER120S-1 (TURBALOY® 120) & ER140S-1 (TURBALOY® 140) welding filler metals for critical types of fabrication. Inclusions, residuals and trace elements are tightly controlled, so that susceptibility to Hydrogen initiated weldment defects are minimized.

Such detailed applied quality metallurgy is achieved through the selection of tightly specified vacuum melted starting stock and processing to filler wire using proprietary and advanced equipment. This high added value technology provides outstanding welding consumables for the discerning welding engineer.

There are many advantages to be gained by the incorporation of MC-GRADE® high purity filler metals. Welding procedures can cope with a larger operating window and greater margins are achievable in properties when residual stress and Hydrogen embrittlement have been issues to overcome.

Much of this advantage is achieved through control of interstitial gases, trace elements and consistent wire surface purity.

MAR-M-918 (TURBALOY® 918) & FSX 414LC (TURBALOY® 414LC)
19805798Many investment and precision cast single crystal, high temperature Nickel and Cobalt superalloys are strengthened with a high volume fraction of second phase coherent precipitates.

Such materials can be difficult to weld repair. Precise procedures are required in order to obtain reproducible and reliable weldments. Susceptibility to micro liquation defects are overcome with the use of high purity welding filler alloys in conjunction with other special controls over heat input, residual stress concentration, power source characteristics and shielding gas selection. U.S. Welding, Metallurgically Controlled (MC-GRADE®) MAR-M-918 (TURBALOY® 918), FSX 414LC (TURBALOY® 414LC) and NOZZALOY® welding wire and rod are available with extremely tight control of harmful impurity elements and interstitial gases used for MRO IGT nozzles, blades and vane restoration on alloys such as IN738 and FSX414.

MC-GRADE® multiple vacuum melted welding filler metal has a consistently clean, lubricant free wire surface and is available in straight lengths or continues length spools for manual or automatic GTAW applications.

NOZZALOY® is a registered trademark of General Electric Co.

Vacuum Melted Low Alloy Steel Welding Wire

United States Welding Corporation’s Metallurgically Controlled MC-GRADE® welding wire is produced from vacuum melted material. This material has ultra-low levels of the interstitial gas elements oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. It is also extremely low in trace elements. This wire is inherently cleaner than wire produced by any other method of manufacture.

With MC processing the wire is rolled rather than drawn. This produces a very smooth surface finish without introducing lubricants. Therefore, copper coating is not required. The material is then packaged in vapor barrier envelopes to prevent surface oxidation.

Welding Wire Identification
(US Welding Designation)
Base Metal
Nominal Compositions Applicable
6457-V 4130 0.95Cr – 0.20Mo – 0.3C AMS 6457
6452-V 4140 0.95Cr – 0.20Mo – 0.4C AMS 6452
6456-V 4340 2Ni – 0.8Cr – 0.3 Mo – 0.4C AMS 6456
6461-V 6130 1Cr – 0.2V – 0.3C AMS 6461
6458-V 17-22A(S) 1.25Cr – .65Si – 0.5Mo – 0.3V – 0.3C AMS 6458

The combination of the cleaner wire with a smoother finish promotes:

      • Improved toughness and ductility
      • Reduced porosity, slag and inclusions
      • Reduced susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement, hot shortness and hot cracking
      • Consistent Weld Properties